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Skincare for Spring

  • Lauren Molter
  • Blog

And just like that, a new season is around the corner. March 20th marks the beginning of Spring, which means it’s time to think about switching some of your products around. Did you know that during each season, your skin experiences changes along with the environment? That’s why it’s a good idea to switch products around quarterly so that you can help your skin adapt to the change of seasons.

So what changes does your skin experience during the winter to spring transition? Winter weather in Wisconsin can be excessively drying to the skin. That’s why in winter, I usually switch my clients to heavier moisturizers and other products which will provide plenty of lipid protection. Also in winter, it tends to be darker outside, so while sunscreen is still necessary, it may not be used to the same extent as other times of the year. During spring, snow and ice begin to thaw. There is usually an increase in precipitation which means there will be more moisture in the air. Also during spring, there are a lot of things starting to bloom, which can cause allergens to circulate in the air. Because of all these factors at play, clients will sometimes notice changes in their skin, such as an increase in breakouts and possibly allergic reactions.

During any transitional season, I take extra time to evaluate my client’s skin. Depending on the situation, I will sometimes switch my clients to a lighter moisturizer, make sure they are using a daytime moisturizer with SPF of 30 or more, and possibly incorporate products from Dermalogica’s Ultra Calming line if the client is experiencing signs of skin sensitivity, irritation or allergic reaction. Also, as the weather begins to warm up, it’s important for clients to use products that protect against environmental damage such as pollution, UV rays, and other free radical activity. Aside from sunscreen products like Invisible Physical Defense, Dynamic Skin Recovery with SPF 50 and Sport Protection SPF 50, other products which will protect against the environment include Biolumin-C Serum, Daily Superfoliant, and Precleanse Cleansing Oil.

Sienna Skin & Beauty will be running a Spring Cleaning Sale beginning March 20th. Bring your current products to your next service and receive 15% off a purchase of 3 or more Dermalogica products. It’s the perfect time to take stock of your inventory so we can get you prepped for your new spring skincare routine. I look forward to assisting you with your skincare needs.