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Dermalogica Pro Power Peel

  • Lauren Molter
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The word “peel” often elicits an excited, yet terrified response. Many of my clients are intrigued by chemical peels, but may be afraid to try one because of the side effects they’ve heard about. Fear not, the Dermalogica Pro Power Peel is a safe, customizable and results driven peel series suitable for all skin types. A thorough skin analysis will be conducted prior to treating your skin to determine if this treatment is suitable for you. So what is the Dermalogica Pro Power Peel and how can it benefit your skin?

As we age, skin cell turnover dramatically slows down. This can cause a variety of issues, ranging from fine lines and wrinkles to acne and hyperpigmentation. Regardless of your skin type and concern, there is a way to customize the peel system to fit your needs and give you the best results. Peels remove the outermost layers to stimulate cell renewal and cell turnover, improving the skin’s texture and appearance.

The efficacy of a peel depends upon the condition of the client’s skin and the approach of the skin therapist. Generally speaking, healthy skin is less likely to experience adverse reactions. Cracked or dehydrated skin with a compromised skin barrier allows chemical peel agents to penetrate deeper in the skin, causing stinging and burning. The health of your skin will be assessed prior to treatment to determine if a peel is safe for your skin.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Beta Hydroxy Acids and Trichloroacetic Acids all have different molecule sizes which means they penetrate differently and will be carefully selected based on the skin condition that is being treated.

Pre treatment guidelines and contraindications for receiving a chemical peel may include: receiving a skin resurfacing treatment within the last 2 weeks, receiving botox within the last week, using Retin A within the past 48 hours, using Accutane within the past 6 months, having waxed within the past 72 hours, there is presence of an contagious skin disease such as cold sores, or is pregnant/lactating.

There are 6 different peels which can be used individually or mixed to give the most optimal results. The Salicylic 15% Gel Peel provides instant soothing comfort to sensitive skin and reduces redness and signs of sensitivity. The Power Clear Peel is a 2% Salicylic, 10% Mandelic, and 15% Malic acid complex that targets blemishes, post inflammatory pigmentation, and redness. The Agereversal Peel is a 15% TCA that minimizes the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles to address the signs of advanced skin aging. The Pro Power Eye Peel is for the delicate eye area and contains fruit based AHA’s to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and brighten the skin. Ultra Bright Peel is a 30% Lactic Acid that brightens and hydrates, reducing early signs of aging and helps to even the skin tone. Advanced Renewal Peel is a 30% Glycolic Acid that reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

A One-Step-Prep Solution is applied prior to starting the peel process. This contains Witch Hazel and Alcohol to degrease the skin and prepare it for optimal absorption. A Neutralizing Solution is applied after the peel is finished to soothe restore the skin’s natural PH.

After the peel, your skin may appear flushed and exhibit some signs of sensitivity. Side effects may include drying, stinging, itching, tightness, peeling, and scabbing. By the second day, the skin may look darker in some areas and by the third day, peeling may begin around the nose, mouth, cheeks and forehead. Your Esthetician will give you a Post Procedure Kit which contains calming products to use for 2-3 days following the peel. This will help to decrease side effects related to the peel. You will be given after care instructions by your Esthetician which must be followed diligently. Avoiding the sun and daily use of SPF found in your Post Procedure Kit is an absolute must.

After about 2-5 days of receiving the peel, you will see smooth, resurfaced skin that is glowing. Results are cumulative, so the more frequently you do peels, the more long term results you will see. This is a meticulous process that requires careful attention by the Esthetician and cooperation by the client, but together we can achieve amazing results for your skin. Peels are only booked during fall and winter and a treatment plan will be structured by your Esthetician based on your goals and the health of your skin. Book yours today!