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Sienna Skin and Beauty Choosing a Skin Care Line

Choosing a Skin Care Line

  • Lauren Molter
  • Blog
With many products out there on the market, choosing the right skincare line can be daunting. Throughout my career as an Esthetician, I have undergone advanced training with many different skincare lines, all with slightly different approaches to treating the skin. From holistic products to clinical products, I have studied closely what works for my client’s skin and what doesn’t.
When I discovered “the Dermalogica difference”, I saw results like I had never seen. Dermalogica is an easily customizable, user-friendly and progressive skincare line that keeps up with industry advancements and technology. There is a focus on skin health and education which guarantees results and client satisfaction. Through expert level training, Dermalogica equips me, the Esthetician, with the tools and knowledge that I need to help you reach all of your skincare goals.

I chose Dermalogica products at Sienna Skin & Beauty because I wanted a clean and honest skincare line that promotes optimal skin health. Dermalogica products are for every skin type and lifestyle. I can’t wait to introduce you to your best skin ever!