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Skin Care & Beauty Tips

Choosing a Makeup Line

  • Lauren Molter
  • Blog

I recently began a partnership with Jane Iredale Cosmetics and I couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce you to this beautiful makeup line. Jane Iredale is skincare makeup that is an extension of your skincare routine. It’s a mineral makeup line that is non comedogenic and contains nourishing botanical ingredients that promote skin health. Endorsed by the American Skin Cancer Foundation, these products contain high functioning SPF to protect your skin from the damaging effects of UV radiation.

When a client is having issues with their skin, I ask many questions to gain insight as to what could be causing the issues. One of the most important questions is “What products are you using on your skin and hair?” Makeup and hair care products can be a huge culprit as they oftentimes contain irritating ingredients such as fillers, preservatives and fragrance. I wanted to offer my clients a makeup line that I can stand behind as a skincare professional, as I know that it will not cause or add to existing skin concerns.

I have loved and used this product line for years. It applies flawlessly and will complement your Dermalogica skincare beautifully. If you want a naturally luminous look, then Jane Iredale is for you.

I have specialized in makeup artistry since 2012 and have worked countless bridal parties and fashion shows. I am skilled at color matching based on the client’s skin tone, eye color and hair color. I treat makeup as a form of enhancement, creativity, and self expression. At Sienna Skin & Beauty, I believe that unique is beautiful. That's why the goal is not to “cover up” or change your natural appearance. Less is more and makeup is treated simply as an extension of your skincare routine and natural beauty.