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Your Skin is an Investment

  • Lauren Molter
  • Blog

If you’re new to facials, you may have wondered if they actually work. Is all that money and time really worth it? Facials aren’t just for pampering. They are an investment in your body’s largest organ, your skin.

Regardless of what your primary focus is, whether it’s acne, anti aging, brightening or simple maintenance, consistency is key when it comes to results.

Consistency means scheduling facial treatments every 4-6 weeks for the best results. This is the recommendation because that’s the typical length of time for skin cell turnover, meaning the time it takes for new skin cells to be generated, make their way to the surface of the skin and then shed naturally. Getting facials every 4-6 weeks will ensure the health of existing skin cells and will promote the regeneration of new cells. Facials will also stimulate collagen and elastin production and increase lymphatic drainage and blood flow. This allows for healthier, more vibrant skin.

Each facial treatment includes a consultation, detailed skin analysis, double cleanse, steaming and professional exfoliation, use of ultrasonic spatula, galvanic and high frequency, extractions, massage, professional serums and treatment masks, and application of finishing products. That doesn’t even include add ons! Clients will notice an immediate improvement in skin tone, texture, and clarity. The results are cumulative, meaning the more consistently you come in, the more long lasting results you will enjoy.

Can't you just do facials at home? Not exactly. Have you ever noticed that it feels much better to have someone else massage you than it feels for you to massage yourself? That’s the power of relaxation. The more relaxed you are during your treatment, the better your skin will respond. Not only that, but an Esthetician has access to a plethora of professional products, devices, and skills that are not available to consumers. The results that we can achieve are much greater than results achieved at home.

That being said, home care is a part of the investment! Using the correct skin care products is essential in achieving the best results. If you’re not utilizing at least a basic home care regimen (cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing), then that’s like going to the dentist but never brushing your teeth. Gross, right? If you are using the right products and showing up to your monthly facial, your skin is going to see results, and that’s guaranteed. Some skin conditions are more difficult to treat and require more time to see changes, but if you commit to the process, you will see beautiful results.

If you make the exciting commitment to invest in your skin, I can promise you results. It’s important to note that the results will not be the same for a client who books appointments once a year versus a client who books appointments once a month. There’s nothing wrong with booking an appointment once a year or once a quarter to treat yourself, just so long as you are aware that you will not see the same long term benefits. That’s because results take time! One treatment is not going to fix a chronic condition or years of skin damage.

I’m excited to have you in the treatment room and start your skin journey. You deserve to experience your skin at its absolute best and together, I can’t wait to see what we can achieve!